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Welcome to my Maker's Portfolio! 

One key characteristic of the engineers is that they make things, and this also applies to me. Since I was a kid, I have been seeing my father and grandfather making cool things in our garden. It was so unbelievable to me that some lifeless simple materials can be put together to become something that behaves like lives, and that was what first got me into making. At first, I could only make simple pieces of stuff like mini-fans, and often I would fail. But as time went on, my skills improved and I became more experienced. Then starting from high school, I attempted to challenge myself and go beyond in terms of making, and that is what I will present here.

In this portfolio, I will present in detail my most representative projects which are mostly microcontroller-based machines made since high school, and they will be put in chronological order. I will also show some of my other work at the end.

Project Portfolio: About

Main Projects

Projects are listed in descending chronological order

Project Portfolio: Projects
Screenshot 2021-12-10 005134.png

HacksGO (Ongoing)

An actuated mousepad designed to assist aiming in FPS games like CSGO (not for cheating)

Late 2021

Page under construction

Cold Dog (Ongoing)

An upgraded quadruped robot with a built-in CO2 machine gun

Late 2021

Page under construction
Screenshot 2021-12-08 110400.png


Quadruped robot with MPC controller

Early 2021


4-leg spider robot

Early 2020


Folding Arms (Ongoing)

A novel unmanned aerial vehicle

Late 2019

Semi-automatic Crossbow

Auto-loading crossbow with a 4-round magazine

Late 2018


Robomaster Summer Cam Robot

Designed for the 2018 Robomaster Summer Camp

Mid 2018, grade 12

RC Demon

The ultimate RC car

Early 2018, grade 12

RM Winter Camp 1.jpg

Robomaster Winter Camp Robot

Designed for the 2018 Robomaster Winter Camp

Early 2018, grade 12

VEX Robot

Designed for the 2017-2018 Vex Robotics Competition

Mid 2017, grade 12

pic1 edited.jpg

RC Car

To simulate the "fast and furious" of car racing

Late 2016, grade 11

Biking Assistance System

Make biking safer and more efficient

Mid 2016, grade 11



A solution to urban transportation

Mid 2016, grade 10

The gallery of other works

Project Portfolio: About
Project Portfolio: Pro Gallery
Engineering Plans


The beauty of making is seeing something that used to be simple and lifeless now being able to act like lives because of you, and that is why I enjoyed making so much. The universe goes in the direction of increasing entropy, but engineers can go the opposite way to create lives, isn't that fantastic?

However, the way I see it, the engineering world is so flawed. For example, energy is being wasted everywhere, using dryers that consumes huge amount of energy instead of the free and clean sunshine; using cars that deliver hundreds of kilowatts of power to only carry a 60kg human, etc, and in fact, if human power is used to generate the electricity we use every day, trillions of workers will be required to work for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and being paid 3 cents each hour. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The reason that I chose to study Mechanical Engineering, besides I love designing and creating things, is that I want to make people's life and the world better in an engineer's way. Now I have managed to maximize the efficiency of my design by minimizing weight and complexity and recovering energy, soon I will be able to do much more than that. Life itself is a miracle, it goes against the solid law of increasing entropy, and I believe there is a purpose for that. As an aspiring person, I should certainly make my own chapter one that is worthy.

Thank you for viewing my portfolio! I hope that you have enjoyed it!

Project Portfolio: About
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